Monday, 12 March 2012

Filming of our Opening

 Whilst we were filming the opening, I was taking photos of behind the scene and the location.
Here we were filming in the park, this is where the majority of our filming was done. We were lucky on the day because the weather was nice, so we did not have to adjust to that.
We started filming in the arcade in bournemouth, this is where the character autumn is introduced into the scene, the music in the backround of this scene was a slight problem, as there was some people playing music outside.

Here our cameraman joe is filming a close up of 'autumn' taking her phone from her pocket, this is transitioned with two other shots to create make this shot the best it can be.
Here I filmed an over the shoulder shot of Joe filming effie, with director pete looking over the filming to check it is all correct.

Here director pete and cameraman joe are discussing how to film the next shot in the scene. we are now back in the park, preparing to film the next stage of effie's character.

Joe is now filming from the bridge, to show effie walking towards their meeting point. We then go on to film a reverse shot where effie walks past the camera.

Director pete is now taking a break from the directing and pulling a stupid face at the camera, whilst joe and zoe continue to work on the filming of the opening.

Cameraman joe had to go to extreme lengths filming this, here he is lying on the ground to get a good shot of effies feet as she walks up to the meeting place.

Here joe is filming an establishing shot of bournemouth, to show where the opening is filmed, we did not use this for very long, as the camera was too shaky and looked rubbish.

Here is the start of the second day of our filming, when we film jess' part, here we are at bournemouth beach, where jess started and walks throught he park later on

Here director pete is getting his hands and knees dirty filming a low shot of jess walking through the park, therefore needing to get very low to the ground.

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