Friday, 23 September 2011

here is the story board for our groups preliminary task.

Friday, 9 September 2011

First blog post

Why have I chosen to study media?
I chose media Because I think it can help me in the future as I want to be a journalist in the future. Also people who did BTEC media told me it was really enjoyable and generally a good subject.

what other subjects am I studying?
I am also studying English language as it links well with media and it is important to do if I am going to be a journalist in the future. I am also studying P.E becuase I want to be a sports journalism mostlyand finally I am doing History.

What is my favourite band/artist and why?
I do not have a particular favourite artist as I have quite a wide range of music taste so there is not one single favourite.

what are my favourite TV programmes?
My favourite TV programmes are things like the imbertweeners and celebrity juice. This is because I think they are both funny and good to watch as they are entertaining.

what is my favourite film?
my favourite films are probably zombieland and kick-ass. Im not sure why, but I think my favourite genre is comedy so that is probably why zombieland is one of my favourites. kick-ass is a good film as there is alot of action in the film and it is very original as well.

what magazines do I read?
I dont read magazines very often but if I did I think I would read film magazines and also sport and car magazines.

what websites do I use?
I use facebook quite alot as I think it is a good way of communicating, I also use we7 as it is a good way to listen to music easily.

so thats me basically...