Monday, 12 December 2011

Planning from our initial idea

Here is the opening from charlies angels which could be quite similar to ours but hopefully not too similar, this is a bit cheesy though.

Our idea in 140 characters:
"three women start their daily lives using their powers. We follow them on their walk to meet each other after many years of being apart"

Monday, 5 December 2011

Colours for our superhero

I feel the clour our superhero wears should stand out but most importantly it must match the power of the superhero. we have decided the character should be using fireballs so we want to match that by using firey colours:

We want the base colour to be black mostly like batman for example but not that kind of armour
 we then want to put a firey colour such as red, orange or yellow
this is a character that I accidentally came across researching but it is just like the character we want and he belongs to a group called the legion of substitute heroes. I think we could use this character in our opening.

researching more openings

The watchmen is another good opening and has a good story inside the opening.

Our idea so far...

So initially we were going to use a female protagonist but we have decided to scrap that idea as we have no-one to play the role. We have now decided on using a male protagonist that is going to be interrogated by some people who are fighting against superheros

Research into titles

  •  captain america opening title, a good opening and it is quite different to many others
  •  The Hulk opening titles, a very good opening as it is very different to others
  •  The text from the Hulk is very good and we might use this kind of text but in a different colour
  •  An even better opening as it sets the tone very well and opens the story up, the cooltext is back too.

Monday, 28 November 2011

research for comic book films

Just alink but here is an idea for comic book openings
I really like this opening as it sets the scene very well and you can tell straight away that it is from a comic book. It is quite different to the rest of the comic book films we have looked at but it is good enough
A good opening which again sets the genre and setting of the film. This is more like what we want to do because it has a superhero who is fighting to save the people.

Friday, 25 November 2011

research for film opening
here is a good website that suggests possible powers our superhero could have
this is a good website to research previous films made from comic books
here are a few comic books not made into films
We had an idea to make our superhero a female superhero to help it appeal to a wider audience. here is a few previous ideas for a female superhero
a website we have already used and I think it is a good website for intro's

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sunday, 6 November 2011

opening scene to courageous

shot list:
establishing shot of garage
medium shot of first character
close up of pressing buttons
close up of display of cost
long shot of second character in the backround
medium shot of first character in car
long shot of first character, second character in the backround
long shot of second character running to car
panning shot as car moves off
medium shot of them fighting in car
long shot of approaching car
medium shot of them fighting
low shot of legs dragging on the floor
medium shot, more fighting
match on action of guy jumping out
point of view shot of where the car is going
medium shot of second character in car
long shot of silver car arriving ang second character getting in it
panning shot as car leaves
medium shots of people arrinving to help

How are the character types established?
the types of character are established by the actions, the first character is shown to be strong and determined but at the same time law abiding, whereas the second character is shown as a crime offender and maybe a gang member.
How is location established?
the location is established at first in the opening shot, the extreme long shot of the petrol station, and the car arriving, the location then moves on, and this is shown by the occasional point of view shot of where the car is moving to.
How is the narrative constructed, is there an enigma/ twist?
there is an enigma of who the characters are, and what they do, and why he was trying to steal the car so desperately. the twist at the end is that the guy manages to get his car back
How does the opening reflect genre?
the opening reflects the genre of action as it straight away is in action and is exciting to watch. This clearly tells the audience straight away if they want to watch the film or not.
Is the opening appropriate for the genre?
the opening is appropriate to the genre as it includes quite a bit of action and that is the genre of the film.
How have titles been used?
in this opening scene there are no titles.
In your view, is it effective?
I feel this opening scene is very effective as it draws the audience in and it is interesting too.

Monday, 10 October 2011

analysing shots

this is a close up of Jessie. this has been used to show the expression of fear. it is also a slight high angle shot which helps show the fear. In the backround you can see alot of rubbish falling into the fire.

this is an extreme long shot. it is also the opening shot of the film and it sets the scene. it is used to set the scene and show the setting of the scene.

this is a two shot. It is used to show the expressions on the two characters faces and also it tells you that the two characters are together. it is also a low angle shot which could have been used to show the characters have authority.

This is a high angle shot which shows the characters to have little authority and control. The characters are looking up at the camera so that you can see there expressions.
This is an over the shoulder shot that helps show the chaaracter has importance over the other character and also shows the characters expression.

shot list for preliminary

EXT Establishing shot of building
5 Seconds
English Block
INT Panning shot of Ashley walking in character
5 Seconds
English Block
INT Point of view walking through character
5 Seconds
English Block
INT Over the shoulder shot, looking at lockers
4 seconds
English Block
INT In locker shot looking out at Ashley
4 Seconds
English Block
INT High angle shot/tracking of Ashley
4 seconds
English Block
INT Mid shot of Ashley Opening Door
5 seconds
English Block
INT Match on action through door, high angle (from ceiling corner)
5 seconds
English Block
INT POV shot  of Jess as Ash walks in
6 Seconds

English Block

INT Over the Shoulder shot of Ash
3 Seconds
English Block

INT Over the shoulder of Jess
3 seconds
English Block
INT Move camera back as Ash starts talking
8 seconds
English Block
INT Low angle shot of Jess Talking
8 seconds
English Block
INT Arc shot as Jess/Ash exchange more dialog
10 seconds
English Block
INT High angle/two shot as Ashley slides case over to Jess and she opens it
7 seconds
English Block
INT Pan and quick zoom into Ashley as he speaks
5 seconds
English Block
INT Tilt down / close up as Jess replies
5 seconds
English Block
  INT low, long shot  as Jess stands up and leaves the room
5 seconds
English Block
INT Zoom out as Ash is relieved that she has gone
4 seconds
English Block
 INT Pan shot as door closes
3 seconds
English Block

Preliminary Task

Friday, 23 September 2011

here is the story board for our groups preliminary task.

Friday, 9 September 2011

First blog post

Why have I chosen to study media?
I chose media Because I think it can help me in the future as I want to be a journalist in the future. Also people who did BTEC media told me it was really enjoyable and generally a good subject.

what other subjects am I studying?
I am also studying English language as it links well with media and it is important to do if I am going to be a journalist in the future. I am also studying P.E becuase I want to be a sports journalism mostlyand finally I am doing History.

What is my favourite band/artist and why?
I do not have a particular favourite artist as I have quite a wide range of music taste so there is not one single favourite.

what are my favourite TV programmes?
My favourite TV programmes are things like the imbertweeners and celebrity juice. This is because I think they are both funny and good to watch as they are entertaining.

what is my favourite film?
my favourite films are probably zombieland and kick-ass. Im not sure why, but I think my favourite genre is comedy so that is probably why zombieland is one of my favourites. kick-ass is a good film as there is alot of action in the film and it is very original as well.

what magazines do I read?
I dont read magazines very often but if I did I think I would read film magazines and also sport and car magazines.

what websites do I use?
I use facebook quite alot as I think it is a good way of communicating, I also use we7 as it is a good way to listen to music easily.

so thats me basically...