Monday, 12 December 2011

Planning from our initial idea

Here is the opening from charlies angels which could be quite similar to ours but hopefully not too similar, this is a bit cheesy though.

Our idea in 140 characters:
"three women start their daily lives using their powers. We follow them on their walk to meet each other after many years of being apart"

Monday, 5 December 2011

Colours for our superhero

I feel the clour our superhero wears should stand out but most importantly it must match the power of the superhero. we have decided the character should be using fireballs so we want to match that by using firey colours:

We want the base colour to be black mostly like batman for example but not that kind of armour
 we then want to put a firey colour such as red, orange or yellow
this is a character that I accidentally came across researching but it is just like the character we want and he belongs to a group called the legion of substitute heroes. I think we could use this character in our opening.

researching more openings

The watchmen is another good opening and has a good story inside the opening.

Our idea so far...

So initially we were going to use a female protagonist but we have decided to scrap that idea as we have no-one to play the role. We have now decided on using a male protagonist that is going to be interrogated by some people who are fighting against superheros

Research into titles

  •  captain america opening title, a good opening and it is quite different to many others
  •  The Hulk opening titles, a very good opening as it is very different to others
  •  The text from the Hulk is very good and we might use this kind of text but in a different colour
  •  An even better opening as it sets the tone very well and opens the story up, the cooltext is back too.