Monday, 28 November 2011

research for comic book films

Just alink but here is an idea for comic book openings
I really like this opening as it sets the scene very well and you can tell straight away that it is from a comic book. It is quite different to the rest of the comic book films we have looked at but it is good enough
A good opening which again sets the genre and setting of the film. This is more like what we want to do because it has a superhero who is fighting to save the people.

Friday, 25 November 2011

research for film opening
here is a good website that suggests possible powers our superhero could have
this is a good website to research previous films made from comic books
here are a few comic books not made into films
We had an idea to make our superhero a female superhero to help it appeal to a wider audience. here is a few previous ideas for a female superhero
a website we have already used and I think it is a good website for intro's

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sunday, 6 November 2011

opening scene to courageous

shot list:
establishing shot of garage
medium shot of first character
close up of pressing buttons
close up of display of cost
long shot of second character in the backround
medium shot of first character in car
long shot of first character, second character in the backround
long shot of second character running to car
panning shot as car moves off
medium shot of them fighting in car
long shot of approaching car
medium shot of them fighting
low shot of legs dragging on the floor
medium shot, more fighting
match on action of guy jumping out
point of view shot of where the car is going
medium shot of second character in car
long shot of silver car arriving ang second character getting in it
panning shot as car leaves
medium shots of people arrinving to help

How are the character types established?
the types of character are established by the actions, the first character is shown to be strong and determined but at the same time law abiding, whereas the second character is shown as a crime offender and maybe a gang member.
How is location established?
the location is established at first in the opening shot, the extreme long shot of the petrol station, and the car arriving, the location then moves on, and this is shown by the occasional point of view shot of where the car is moving to.
How is the narrative constructed, is there an enigma/ twist?
there is an enigma of who the characters are, and what they do, and why he was trying to steal the car so desperately. the twist at the end is that the guy manages to get his car back
How does the opening reflect genre?
the opening reflects the genre of action as it straight away is in action and is exciting to watch. This clearly tells the audience straight away if they want to watch the film or not.
Is the opening appropriate for the genre?
the opening is appropriate to the genre as it includes quite a bit of action and that is the genre of the film.
How have titles been used?
in this opening scene there are no titles.
In your view, is it effective?
I feel this opening scene is very effective as it draws the audience in and it is interesting too.