Monday, 10 October 2011

analysing shots

this is a close up of Jessie. this has been used to show the expression of fear. it is also a slight high angle shot which helps show the fear. In the backround you can see alot of rubbish falling into the fire.

this is an extreme long shot. it is also the opening shot of the film and it sets the scene. it is used to set the scene and show the setting of the scene.

this is a two shot. It is used to show the expressions on the two characters faces and also it tells you that the two characters are together. it is also a low angle shot which could have been used to show the characters have authority.

This is a high angle shot which shows the characters to have little authority and control. The characters are looking up at the camera so that you can see there expressions.
This is an over the shoulder shot that helps show the chaaracter has importance over the other character and also shows the characters expression.

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